• 15 Things to Buy Yourself before Getting Pregnant
    I didn’t want to post too much about pregnancy until I’d been all the way through it once. It drives me crazy when someone 2 months pregnant tries to tell me All About ItTM. Now that our little guy is almost 4 months, I feel like it’s time to record […]
  • Welcome Home Little Guy
    We welcomed our little guy into the family in October, and it has been the most amazing few months of my life. I feel so lucky to be able to physically stay home with him, even after returning to work. He is the happiest little guy, and I hope more […]
  • Environmentally Friendly Dinner Party with Social Distancing
    So, we had some people over for a dinner party. I’ve been trying to be responsible and cautious, but I have also barely left the house since March and the isolation is getting to me a little bit. We did our best to be responsible with our guests. I can […]
  • Beautiful Makeup Brushes from Amazon
    For some unknown reason, I got into this search for the perfect makeup brushes set. Do I already have makeup brushes? Sure do. In my case this is a completely needless search, but one I get into a mission like this, I need to see it through to completion. Here […]
  • Why Wrap Dresses are the Most Exquisite Clothing
    Wrap dresses are possibly my favorite article of clothing. Although PERHAPS not the first thing I reach for during COVID, quarantine, staying at home, and pregnancy (I believe that particular honor goes to my husband’s Adidas track pants), they are still not the bottom of the list either, and they […]