• 10 Things to Buy Yourself Before Getting Engaged
    Two people I’m close with just got engaged, and now I’m thinking about weddings again. I LOVE weddings. I even tear up at the weddings of people I don’t know and fictional character weddings. Josh and I got married almost three years ago, and our wedding was everything I hoped […]
  • 15 Things to Buy Yourself before Getting Pregnant
    I didn’t want to post too much about pregnancy until I’d been all the way through it once. It drives me crazy when someone 2 months pregnant tries to tell me All About ItTM. Now that our little guy is almost 4 months, I feel like it’s time to record […]
  • Welcome Home Little Guy
    We welcomed our little guy into the family in October, and it has been the most amazing few months of my life. I feel so lucky to be able to physically stay home with him, even after returning to work. He is the happiest little guy, and I hope more […]
  • Environmentally Friendly Dinner Party with Social Distancing
    So, we had some people over for a dinner party. I’ve been trying to be responsible and cautious, but I have also barely left the house since March and the isolation is getting to me a little bit. We did our best to be responsible with our guests. I can […]
  • Beautiful Makeup Brushes from Amazon
    For some unknown reason, I got into this search for the perfect makeup brushes set. Do I already have makeup brushes? Sure do. In my case this is a completely needless search, but one I get into a mission like this, I need to see it through to completion. Here […]